Internet of Things

Chip-to-cloud assessments for everything from medical devices to home security solutions. 

Hardware Testing

Hardware vulnerabilities can lead to significant loss of proprietary technology and customer information. Our team will analyze your device down to the circuit for potential issues.

Typical Findings

  • Debugging interfaces are active on production devices

  • Chip-to-chip encryption is improperly implemented

  • Hardcoded secrets are used across devices


Firmware Analysis

Our team will conduct in-depth code analysis of your firmware to identify issues that could lead to compromise. We combine manual review with static/dynamic code analysis to produce meaningful results and identify real vulnerabilities.

Typical Findings

  • Mismanaged memory leading to compromise or denial of service

  • Insecurely generated cryptographic secrets

  • Lack of security controls around firmware upgrades

  • Insecure data storage

Transport Security

Data transport often goes untested once implemented. Understanding if your data is encrypted properly while in transit is critical. 

Typical Findings

  • Certificates are not validated properly

  • Cryptographic libraries are implemented incorrectly

  • Insecure practices such as static initialization vectors are used


Infrastructure Review

The supporting infrastructure your product relies on is crucial. Ensuring customer data is safe, and up-time is not impacted is our priority. Our team will assess your back-end environment and ensure the proper controls are in place to protect your crown jewels.

Typical Findings

  • Insufficient authorization controls allow users to access unauthorized data

  • Cloud infrastructure configured insecurely

  • Legacy test systems exposed to internet