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Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling is a critical step in any product's lifecycle. Fully understanding where your vulnerabilities exist and what steps you need to mitigate them is crucial for preventing a breach.

End-to-End Architecture

First, RedSquall works directly with you and your team to understand your product's end-to-end architecture. Our team will generate a product architecture and dataflow model using the information you provide. Once a complete picture is created, RedSquall reviews every aspect of your product for possible threats.


Standards like AWS CIS, OWASP Top 10, and ASVS are used to articulate threats as they relate to your product. Threats will include everything from client-side issues, such as an adversary reverse engineering your mobile application, to compromised root cloud account credentials.



Next, RedSquall will develop countermeasures for each threat and document them in a detailed report. The threat model culminates in a delivered report and presentation.

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