Application Assessments

RedSquall employs domain experts to tackle your application security needs. Securing your product from threats and protecting your customers is our priority for these assessments.

Web Applications

Protect your customers and your brand by identifying vulnerabilities within your application. Our engineers will review your source code, identify real issues, and demonstrate novel attacks.

Typical Findings

  • Insufficient authorization checks allow customers to access each other's data

  • Improper input validation leads to classic attacks like SQL Injection and Cross-Site-Scripting

  • Insecure coding practices in use, such as hard-coded credentials, improper use of cryptographic functions, and enabled debug code


Mobile Assessment

Mobile assessments commonly involve Android/IOS applications and the APIs they communicate with. Source code is used to identify abuse cases that could lead to account compromise or loss of customer data.


Typical Findings

  • Insufficient authorization controls implemented in APIs

  • Mobile applications use insecure methods of storing cryptographic secrets

  • Mobile device logs sensitive information

  • Applications vulnerable to MiTM attacks