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Infrastructure Review

RedSquall will identify attack chains from an adversarial perspective. Discovering lateral movement and escalation paths are critical to securing your organization.

Cloud Assessments

Securing cloud assets are critical to keeping your data safe. Our team will review your environment for misconfigurations that can leave you open to attack. These assessments involve a hands-on review of users, assets, roles, and policies to help you identify and eliminate issues.

Typical Findings

  • Overprivileged users and roles

  • Assets inadvertently exposed to the internet

  • Lack of segmentation between assets creating lateral movement paths for attackers


Network Baseline Reviews

Utilizing best-in-breed cybersecurity frameworks, our team will assess the current security posture of your organization. The results of this assessment will provide stakeholders with a strategic view of the environment and highlight where resources should be allocated.

Typical Findings

  • Gaps in security processes are identified

  • Resource inefficiencies are discovered

  • "Ground-truth" differs from assumed security posture

Corporate Network Assessments

Network misconfigurations are the primary means with which an attacker will access sensitive information within your environment. Our goal is to identify and help you remediate these issues before they are exploited. Our team will assume the role of an advanced attacker who has achieved a foothold and is now looking to steal your corporate crown jewels.

Typical Findings

  • Administrative accounts are used for non-admin tasks, leading to attacker privilege escalation

  • Detection tools are not tuned to attack advanced attack techniques

  • Active Directory misconfigurations introduce vulnerabilities into the network

  • Unpatched systems become simple pivots for an attacker

  • Insufficient network segmentation between business units


Perimeter Assessments

Your internet-facing assets are your attack surface. Our team will combine automated scans with manual techniques to find any vulnerabilities that may exist in your perimeter. These assessments test everything exposed to the internet, from web applications to employee portals. Our team will identify any security gaps and work with you to remediate them.

Typical Findings

  • Unpatched systems can be exploited to achieve an initial foothold

  • Internal systems are accidentally exposed to the internet

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